Fixed-Fuel Contract Form – Supreme Oil & Service Corp.
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Fixed-Fuel Contract Form

Fixed-Fuel Contract

5-Please submit 3 pictures .
1- Front of your house
2-The side of house where fill is located
3-Close-up of the fill or tank

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Per Gallon $5.35

Please write the price you see per Gallon

Under Fixed Price, customer’s account is listed as Automatic delivery. Customer is required to consume 1,000 gallons for a 12-month period. Under “automatic delivery” Supreme Oil & Service Corp. will estimate when each delivery should be scheduled. Customer agrees to buy oil exclusively from Supreme Oil & Service Corp. for a 12-month period but will be at a fixed rate during the heating season only, ending May 31st. The above quoted fixed price is your price during the Heating Season, ending May 31st. After May 31st, you will resume deliveries under automatic pricing during the 12-month period. Your fixed price is only locked in until May 31st of the stated heating season year. If you do not consume 1000 gallons or customer ends automatic delivery before the 12-month period, customer agrees to pay $500 cancellation fee to Supreme Oil & Service Corp and will lose the service contract.

Deliveries are scheduled automatically by Supreme Oil & Service Corp. Each delivery is a fill up, no exceptions. If you deny the delivery, there is a $75.00 penalty fee. Each delivery is based on the logistics & consumption of your household. If Supreme has deliveries within your area, we will deliver at our own discretion despite the total gallons delivered is less than the minimum amount. You are responsible for payment of all the gallons delivered to your tank.

Price per gallon is the fixed rate quoted above on every delivery, payable by credit card/ACH. If payment is later than 30 days, any special pricing plan will be null and void.Customer is not authorized to switch to Will Call or you will be responsible for $500 cancellation fee

Customer must notify Supreme Oil & Service immediately should consumption change from previous history and/or household changes/household modifications. Once we are notified, Supreme Oil will make the necessary adjustments to your account consumption. Supreme Oil & Service is not Liable/responsible for run outs if your consumption changes & we are not notified. **Any disputes on delivery or Service appt will be subject to charge of $150 if we go on-site. If dispute is inaccurate determined by company, the customer will agree to pay the penalty of $150. All deliveries/Service invoices MUST be Paid within 10 days, despite any dispute in charges. Should a dispute arise, an investigation will be performed. After the investigation, along with hourly service onsite charge, Supreme Oil will disclose the findings based on delivery tickets, GPS, and any other information and will see a resolution. Should customer request telephone verification prior to delivery and becomes unreachable, the delivery will still be made.