Supreme Oil

Annual Oil Burner Service Contract-Residential - Terms and Conditions

$425.00 Per Unit
THE SERVICE CONTRACT IS ONLY VALID IF YOU IF YOU HAVE AN OIL CONTRACT WITH SUPREME OIL. Customer must consume 1000 gallons in a 12-month period or will be subject to a $500 penalty fee.

To place a service call or to schedule annual maintenance, please call us at 914-893-4800. Your service call will answer/dispatched in the order it was received. Before placing a service call, please read the sections below labeled Before Calling, Emergency Calls, and Non-emergency Calls.

Phone Number to Remember for Emergencies:  914-893-4800 or Email:

Before Calling: To avoid an unnecessary charge of one (1) hour labor minimum at the prevailing rate, a customer should check these common reasons for a boiler malfunction BEFORE calling Supreme Oil for service:

  1. Is the thermostat set above the room temperature? Usually, 78 degree to start boiler
  2. Is the burner emergency switch on? (Usually located in stairwell and has a red switch plate)
  3. Has a fuse blown and/or the circuit breaker set? (Located in your main power panel)
  4. Have you checked the level of oil in the tank? (Inside tanks have a fuel gauge on top of the tank)
  5. Does the control/reset button require resetting? (PUSH ONE only!) (Red button on box near burner)
  6. I understand that if I fail to press the red button before a service technicians’ arrival, there will be a $150 fee.

Emergency Calls: Service calls regarded as emergencies, as determined by Supreme Oil, fall into two categories: NO HEAT and SMOKE PROBLEMS. Calls about SMOKE PROBLEMS will be responded to within twenty-four (24) hours. Odor problems will be charged a minimum of 2 hours unless the issue is caused by defective workmanship. Calls regarding NO HEAT will be responded to within twenty-four (24) hours from October 1 to the following April 30. Customers will be charged for parts and labor for any repairs that involve parts not listed in the Inclusions section below. See Rates section on the other side of this document for labor charges.

Non-Emergency Calls: Supreme Oil will respond to non-emergency calls, as determined by Supreme Oil, during regular business hours. See the section labeled non-emergency conditions on the other side. You may request from Supreme Oil, on an exception basis, that they provide service outside normal business hours. See the Rates section on the other side of this document for labor charges.

Inspection and Servicing: Supreme Oil and/or its dealers/contractors reserve the right to inspect all heating systems before accepting this service contract and may cancel said service contract without liability against any party. The customer agrees to buy a minimum of 1000 gallons of heating oil or show proof of purchase/rent. Supreme Oil also reserves the right to waive said inspection. All service must be performed by Supreme Oil representatives/dealers/contractors, or this service contract will be terminated without refund.

Rates – There will be a two (2) hour minimum labor charge for all services calls. Excluded parts are chargeable at prevailing rates and travel fee.

$ 275.00 Per Hour Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
$ 385.00 Per Hour Monday - Sunday 5:01 p.m. -


Service Descriptions: Annual cleaning of a single unit includes brushing and vacuuming the chimney base, flue pipe (up to 5 feet of length) and combustion chamber; replacing of nozzle, filter (1 filter) and strainer.

Scheduling a Cleaning: Customers are responsible for scheduling an annual cleaning by calling Supreme Oil at 914-893-4800. Cleaning must be scheduled between April 1 and August 31, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Calls for appointments must be made early enough so that the cleaning appointment is scheduled no later than August 31. If a customer calls after August 31 for an annual cleaning that cannot be scheduled before October 1, there will be an additional charge for one hour of labor at the prevailing rate.

Supreme Oil is responsible for the delivery of the product to the receiving pipe or outlet designated by the customer. Customer agrees that neither the company nor its employees or agents are or shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages resulting from leaks, or for the failure of the receiving tank or associated piping, or any other matter.

Inclusions: Covered parts are included except when damaged by fire, water, sludge, or negligence on the part of the customer. Items not listed will be charged at the prevailing rate for labor and parts.

1. Single aqua-stat (L4006A1959 model only) 2. Cad cell eye and holder
3. Cad cell relay (single) 4. Oil filter (two per contract)
5. Ignition porcelain/electrodes, 6. Electronic Oil Ignite (B51771U model only)
7. Ignition wires 8. Nozzle (two per contract)
9. Fuel oil cartridge 10. Oil burner coupling
11. Oil burner pump (Single-stage A2VA only) 12. Oil strainer (two per contract)
13. Oil filter gasket (two per contract) 14. Toggle switch (one per contract)

Exclusions: Items not listed above as inclusions shall be considered excluded from coverage. Exclusions include but are not limited to:

  1. Labor is not included in this contract
  2. Parts for all multi-function controls and relays.
  3. Double and triple aqua-stats, zone valves, circulators, and check valves.
  4. Sludge related problems, water in fuel tank or in oil lines, and clogged or frozen oil lines.
  5. General Electric, Timken, Blue Ray, Riello, and obsolete or non-standard oil burners are not covered under this Service Contract unless agreed upon by the oil dealer at the time of acceptance.
  6. Thermostats, plumbing problems, and water leaking from plumbing parts or piping.
  7. Special control systems and electronic controls and discontinued or obsolete parts.
  8. Damages due to water on any burner part, storage tank installation, freezing storms, power outages, low electrical power, power surges, strikes, embargoes and other causes beyond Supreme Oil’s control.
  9. Parts used for air conditioning, heat exchanges, and blower motors, etc.
  10. Parts used to circulate air such as air vents and blowers.
  11. Failure of low water cutoff; failure due to draining, purging, or bleeding air.
  12. Oil storage tanks.
  13. Oil storage tank leaks or oil line leaks – Supreme Oil is not liable for the failure of the oil storage tank or pipe.
  14. Any part of the heating system that was improperly installed or has been maintained by anyone other than Supreme Oil.
  15. Customer must pay taxes on the parts used, an invoice will be supply. The company will not pay taxes.

Exception: Allowed exception: If a customer places a non-emergency service call and asks that the service call be handled outside of normal business hours, the customer will be charged a minimum one hour of labor.

Non-Emergency conditions: The following problems and conditions do not justify an emergency call under most circumstances:

Water leaks Abnormal noise or quell in the heating system
No hot water Outside temperature is greater than 55 degrees F
Air in the system

If the customer requests service after normal business hours and the outside temperature is 55 degrees F or above, the service call will be handled the next day (this include hot water issues) When calling for service, the customer should explain any special circumstances and ask if their request qualifies as an emergency.

Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Terms: Service contracts are offered to fuel-oil customers of Supreme Oil only and must consume a minimum of one thousand (1000) gallons in a 12-month period to be eligible for a service contract. If customer purchases oil outside of Supreme Oil, this contract is null and void! If a customer gets boiler services from another company, this contract is null and void and will be subject to a $500 penalty. All service contracts are subject to suspension or cancellation without refund and cannot be prorated.

  • If weather or other nature!!!!! does not permit technician to service boiler, we are not liable for any damages.
  • All work will be a 1 hour minimum plus travel fee ($150)
  • Will-call customers are solely responsible for any damages due to a fuel run-out.
  • The path to the oil tank fill pipe must be clear of snow, ice, or any other hazard before deliveries can be made. A $75 surcharge will be charged for each unsuccessful delivery due to an obstructed path to the fill pipe. So as the path to the boiler room and the boiler itself.
  • Each burner unit for household heat or hot water requires a separate service contract.
  • It the customer’s responsibility to confirm if services are covered by this service contract prior to the start of any repair work.
  • Any service costing more than $600 that is not covered by this service contract will be billed directly by Supreme Oil to the customer.
  • Customers must pay for any work performed that is not covered in this service contract.
  • Any repairs done by an outside contractor or serviceman without Supreme Oil’s approval are NOT covered by this service contract. This includes low voltage equipment, cat5 and Wi-Fi routers.
  • If Supreme Oil does not arrange for an oil delivery because the customer did not pay his/her balance due, and the customer runs out of oil, any service costs (both labor and parts) will become the Supreme Oil customer’s responsibility to pay.
  • This service contract also serves to establish the terms and conditions for the hot water burner service contract.
  • This Contract is auto renewal every 12 months. If you wish to not be auto renewed, we must receive a written notification via email 30 days prior to your contract expiration date. Customer is responsible to check contract expiration date.
  • BOILER CLEANING after Sept 1st will be charged $150 additional fee. BOILER CLEANING must be performed end of heating season, month of May.
  • If a service call is requested and stopped while the technician is in route, there will be a $150.00 fee (please make sure to trouble shoot the boiler over the phone or you read the instructions to reset the boiler)
  • Verbal/other sort of quotes that are approved/agreed by customer are not authorized to be cancelled. If supreme buys parts or starts job, customer is responsible for expenses.
  • Hourly Rates will be charges based on company GPS/mechanic time sheet.
  • Supreme Oil is not responsible for heat in unoccupied buildings, residents, commercial and warehouses.
  • This service contract does not cover service costs incurred from a fuel run-out, that will be customer responsibility and it will be billed.

Customer understands and agrees this service contract is non-refundable. Customer acknowledges payment must be made for any work performed that is not covered by service contract. Customer understands and agrees that failure to follow the within terms and conditions may subject customer to a service charge. These terms may be subject to change annually. Please read your copy of the current version of this contract before attempting to resolve issues of coverage. Your signature on the stub below confirms your acceptance of this contract. For all billing questions, the office is available M-F during work hours 8am-5pm. After hours are for EMERGENCY only. Due to high volume of calls and limited staff, please leave a voice mail, e-mail, or text Supreme and we will reply in a timely manner. If you need immediate access to your account, please log-in to your account via the Supreme website to view the delivery history, balance due or to make payment.

For all billing questions, the office is available M-F during work hours 8am-5pm. After hours are for EMERGENCY only. Due to high volume of calls and limited staff, please leave a voice mail, e-mail or text and we will reply in a timely manner. If you need immediate access to your account, please log-in to your account via the Supreme website to view the delivery history, balance due or to make payment.

New Requirements:
  • Customer must submit a picture of front of the house, side OF HOUSE and close-up picture of fill location.
  • Customer must take pictures of the Tank, boiler, furnace, Hot Water Heater, and Chimney.
  • We will be sending staff to tag the fill pipe and Boiler equipment
  • Customer understands and agrees accounts with a credit card/debit card there will be a 3.5% fee.
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