Onsite Fuel Supplier – Supreme Oil & Service Corp.
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Onsite Fuel Supplier

On-Site Delivery
With Supreme Oil On-site Delivery & Fleet Fueling, every vehicle is fueled and ready to go each morning BEFORE you arrive for work!
Supreme Oil Fuel Management professional will arrive at your facility or job site when you need us (often at 2 AM!) and will deliver diesel fuel to your vehicles – reducing your labor costs and eliminating the liability of on-site storage. Each of your vehicles receives its own bar code allowing you to track fuel usage by vehicle. Direct from any computer connected to the internet, you can obtain detailed reports for each piece of equipment fueled. Daily reports for each on-road, off-road, and refrigeration unit in your fleet are only a click away. We have access to Bulk Storage to better assist you in the event of a natural disaster or shortage event. Contact us to learn more about fleet fueling and on-site fueling.
  • Never pay a premium for night, weekend, or holiday work
  • Eliminates fraud through systematic tracking
  • No on-site tanks
We also deliver & service Generators – Gas Stations – Construction Sites – Marinas – Airports
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What To Expect:
Dedicated trucks to keep your facilities running
  • Guaranteed fuel supply
  • An extensive network to make the impossible happen
  • Digital dispatch system
  • Electronic Tank Monitoring
  • Compliance with all DEQ permit requirement’s
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles are available with 4000 gallon capacity for immediate fuel usage
  • Experience from previous disasters (Katrina, Rita, Sandy, Tornadoes, Floods, Ice Storms, etc.)
Other Fleet & Transportation Services…
Supreme Oil provides exceptional bulk carrier services with a commitment to excellence in all we do. A strong carrier needs a strong fleet. We operate a modern, versatile fleet with straight trucks and tractor-trailers to match our clients’ every need. Continuous, proactive maintenance by our team of mechanics keeps the Supreme Oil & Service Corp. fleet running on-time so that we can schedule deliveries promptly and meet our clients’ deadlines.
  • We Have the Best Drivers in the Industry
At Supreme Oil, your safety and security are our priorities. All our drivers, including our executive management team, are CDL licensed, Hazmat DOT certified and TWIC/TSA Screened. We require random drug and alcohol screenings for all our drivers and adhere to a set of company-specific guidelines that exceed those of the Department of Transportation. In short, we maintain a “zero tolerance” policy for the slightest infraction. Our unionized and highly proficient, Supreme Oil drivers are the most courteous and careful motorists on the road today. Not only are they experts in manoeuvring difficult roadways, but they are also proficiently trained to navigate during some of the harshest weather conditions.
GPS Dispatch-Delivery
  • Our Live Dispatch GPS System makes it easy to communicate with the Supreme Oil dispatchers and check delivery status.
  • The experienced Supreme Oil team achieves success and growth year after year by giving customers a smart, friendly service with an emphasis on value.
  • We maintain a modern versify fleet so we can respond quickly and handle a wide range of cargo types.
  • Our terminal locations are strategically positioned to enable a quick response to our customer’s needs. We serve the entire New York Tri-State Area. Our dispatchers know the precise location of every vehicle at all times.
  • Your cargo/product travels safely because our drivers know their speed is being monitored at all times.
  • Our rates reflect the added efficiency, productivity, and fuel savings that GPS routing and navigation provides
  • Deliveries arrive on schedule or ahead of schedule because drivers receive precise directions and do not get lost.
Contact us to learn more about trucking fees and our fleet capacity.